Frequently Asked Questions…

Q. How do I make a booking? A. Please call me to arrange a booking or alternatively you can book via my Adultwork profile.  I will always ask you to call me on the day of your booking (from a non withheld number) between 8am and 10am (or between 8am and 9am if you have made a booking for the morning) so that I can give you details of where to come (For your own discretion I will never call/text you back)
Q. Where are you based? A. I am a 5 minute drive from J9 of the M20 in Ashford Kent
Q. When are you available A. I am available 7 days a week from 11am til 5pm
Q. How long should I book for? A. That really depends upon what you would like us to get up to together, how long you can last, and if you can cum more than once… eg It is normally difficult to fit much more than oral into a 30 minute booking, and due to the time it takes me to prepare, I will not accept bookings of less than 1 hour for any sessions where you would like me to wear latex.
If you are visiting me for the first time and/or it is your first time with a TS woman, then I do advise a 1 hour booking for our first session as a ‘taster’ and to allow us to get to know each other, we could then look at longer sessions for future bookings.
If you want to let me know what you would like us to get up to together, then I am more than happy to advise how long would be best to book me for 🙂
Q. I would like to book you before 11am/after 5pm A. I am sometimes able to accept advance bookings outside of my normal hours as long as I have seen you before. Please do note that depending upon what time you would like to see me, I may insist on a minimum 1hr booking
Q. Can I suck you? Do you cum? Will you fuck me? etc etc A. I have no problem with having my cock licked/sucked/kissed/played with etc. However I am on hormones (hence the breasts) which means that I can generally not get hard or cum.

I am more than happy to use toys, strapon, hand play etc… But if your main reason for seeking a girl like myself is for a hard cock/cum, then it may suit you more to look elsewhere.

Q. I have texted you/left a voicemail and you have not replied A. Sorry, for your discretion I do not reply to texts or call people back (In fact I keep no credit on my phone so this is not something that I can do anyway). If you want to contact me then please either phone or email 🙂
Q. Ive called but there is no answer A. My phone is on from 8am til 5pm (7 days) If you are trying to contact me outside these hours then please mail me. If you are calling between these hours (especially from 11 til 5) then I am more than likely in a booking, so either email me or call back in about an hour.
Q. Why do you not show your face? A. Because I value your privacy.  I look like this 24/7/365 and would not want those who visit me to be placed in a position where my neighbors etc know why you are visiting me.  But trust me, as my feedback demonstrates you will not be disappointed when you book me 🙂
Q. Do you have toys? A. Yes I do and I will use them on you or on myself. I love using toys and imagining that it is your big fat cock penetrating my tight pert little ass!
Q. Will you dress me as a slut/maid etc etc? A. I regret to say that I do not offer a dressing service. If you have your own clothing then I am more than happy to dress you in those (or for you to dress), but I do not provide clothing for others to wear
Q. Do you genuinely get turned on? A. Oh god YES!
Q. I really love what you do for me. You really turn me on big time. Is there anyway I can leave you feedback? A. Yes I would love you to leave me feedback. Just follow this link and scroll to the bottom of the page
Q. I am young/old/fat/thin/black/white/green etc etc… Will you see me? A. I am more than happy to see anyone who is at least 18 years old & of legal age and is respectful. I have no problem seeing older/larger guys, or people from different backgrounds, but that being said I do only speak English, and believing that communication is essential to us BOTH having a great time together I will not meet with anyone who is not able to understand me or vice versa… For me to do so would be doing us both a disservice
Q. Do you provide Poppers? A. I do not provide poppers, but I am more than happy if you want to bring some along for you to use in our session
Q.Do you offer sex without a condom? A. I am more than happy with oral without and cum in mouth, but please do not ask for bareback anal… I have my own health and the health of my other clients to consider
Q. Is your place discreet? A. No, it has a giant neon sign outside with an arrow pointing to my front door that says ‘Shemale Escort Here’ 😉 Of course that is a joke… Quite how a property can not be discreet is beyond me… Yes I am discreet

3 Responses to FAQs

  1. Craig says:

    Another great meeting! Super sexy xxx

  2. Dave from Coventry says:

    All I can say is that this girl is exquisite in all ways. And we certainly had a lot of fun together. Too much fun… xx

  3. nick says:

    you look fantastic. I would love to see you . im a cuddly male who loves big hugs and also sexy boots. would love to lick yours.

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